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MagicTip™ DNA Isolation

Product Description :

MagicTip™ DNA purification kits are available for various sample types including muscle tissue, blood, hair follicles, cheek swabs, semen, tail clippings etc. We have tested several animal types including cattle, pigs, dogs, chicken, turkey, fish (zebra fish), mice (lab varieties), flies (drosophila) etc.

MagicTip™ Kits are also available for plant samples. MatMaCorp scientists have tested plant leaf material from Arabidopsis to Zea mays (corn) and all have yielded good quality DNA. DNA is stable for weeks in the lab and can be used for PCR, C-SAND™ Assays or any other standard downstream applications. As with other technologies that we have developed, the MagicTip™ Kits do not require any specialized lab tools. The kit even comes with a disposable lab rack and all the buffers and tubes that are needed.

The MagicTip™ is a rod about 2 inches long resembling a tooth pick. It is a disposable device capable of binding to DNA. Samples are initially lyzed in a buffer and the MagicTip™ is swished around to bind DNA. After a quick wash, the clean DNA is eluted. From sample to clean DNA typically takes about 10 minutes. Compared to other rapid methods, the MagicTip™ yields cleaner DNA that is more stable. This should provide consistent and cleaner data for most applications in the lab or in the field.

MagicTip™ Kits Available:

Catalog No. Description
DNA1B Blood Isolation Kit - 100 reactions
DNA1O Buccal Isolation Kit - 100 reactions
DNA1H Hair Isolation Kit - 100 reactions
DNA1P Plant Isolation Kit - 100 reactions
DNA1T Tissue Isolation Kit - 100 reactions

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