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Solas 8™ Portable Nucleic Acid Analysis System

Product Description :

The Solas 8™ is a portable, four channel fluorescence detection system.

Developed by MatMaCorp, this simple device, weighing just 6 pounds, can be used in a laboratory, in the clinic or in the field. It is made for low throughput applications. Easy to use and robust, the Solas 8™ has two, 8-well heating blocks. The large well block (for 1.5 ml tubes) is for DNA purification and the small block (for 0.2 ml tubes or strips) is for detection of DNA/RNA or SNPs. You can purify DNA from samples while doing SNP detection on another set of samples. All of this can be done without pipettes, centrifuges or refrigeration.

DNA purification on the Solas 8™ is accomplished with the MagicTip™ and SNP/Sequence detection is done using C-SAND™ Assays

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Item name Solas 8
 (1) 402-387-7900
Application Molecular Diagnostics Biomedical
Standard Warranty One year