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MatMaCorp Celebrates World Veterinary Day

World Veterinary Day, on April 30, 2022, celebrates the efforts from veterinarians, veterinary associations, and others to strengthen veterinary resilience. Additionally, we are celebrating the work we are doing here at MatMaCorp to preserve animal health around the world.

Ensuring the health and safety of animals has never been more important than it is today. The looming threat of animal diseases, like the current outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza across the U.S., could have a major impact on our global food supply, not to mention the significant economic repercussions that could occur. MatMaCorp’s simple and portable diagnostics play an important role in securing a sustainable future in animal health and we couldn’t do it without Govardhan Rathnaiah, PhD. DVM, our dedicated staff veterinarian who is committed to protecting animal welfare.

“Dr. Rathnaiah is a talented researcher and works tirelessly to bring new testing solutions to the market,” said Phil Kozera, MatMaCorp Chief Executive Officer. “His main focus is on the development of point of care diagnostic kits for infectious diseases and has developed a simple method of extraction of PRRSV RNA from pig serum, oral fluid, and processing fluid.”

Dr. Rathnaiah joined MatMaCorp in 2017 as a Research Microbiologist. He has experience working with animal RNA viruses including Porcine Coronavirus (PDCoV, PEDV & TGEV), Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV), avian reovirus and human coronavirus. Dr. Rathnaiah’s doctoral research was on Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), which included whole genome analysis of MAP to identify specific DNA sequence for development of molecular assays for diagnosis of Johne’s disease. His research has been published in high impact publications and prestigious scientific journals.

Happy Veterinary Day and thank you to Dr. Rathnaiah and the veterinarians around the world who devote their lives to ensure the protection of animals.