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News Release: MatMaCorp Introduces New Genetic Testing Service

Opens new human genetic testing business. Bringing novel biobanking service and confidentiality to consumers.

LINCOLN, Neb., June 27, 2023 – GenoTypica is a consumer genetic testing service company, started by Abraham Oommen, PhD, an early pioneer in animal genetic testing. GenoTypica’s goal is to provide customers with a better understanding of how their genes, along with their environment and lifestyles may be affecting their wellness.

GenoTypica's service is unique in four significant areas:

  1. Consumer information is private, confidential, and not shared
  2. Analyzes 3x the number of genetic markers as other testing services
  3. Provides raw data that is easily transferable to other genome analysis applications
  4. A simple sample collection system without saliva allows participation among all age groups

“After extensive research and development, we are eager to introduce our Personal Genetic Scan (PG Scan) service,” said Phil Kozera, CEO of MatMaCorp. “A PG Scan should reveal relevant information about your genetic make-up and wellbeing.”

The process of testing is simple, easy, and confidential. All that is required is to request a kit be mailed to your home. After a quick cheek swab, place the swab in the return package and PG Scan results will be uploaded to your personal account when available.

“Advancements in genetics research have improved access to genetic data and increased the number of genome analysis applications. Knowing your genetics can satisfy your curiosity today and possibly benefit your health down the road” added Kozera.

According to MatMaCorp founder, Dr. Abraham Oommen “Our goal is to provide genomic data for informational purposes and if a genetic predisposition or a genetic disease is recognized, we suggest that people work with their healthcare provider and or genetic counselor for confirmation and validation.” He continued “Our opinion is that direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing should be used primarily as a preliminary screen that is both broad and comprehensive.”

DTC genomic services have become popular globally. In the US and in most countries around the world, saliva collection tubes are used for submission to a lab for DNA isolation and data analysis. “We have really simplified the submission process using our proprietary technology,” said Oommen. “As an added benefit, we offer an onsite sample bank that could provide assistance down the road as additional genetic markers are discovered.” For more information about the company and its products or to gather basic information about DNA and Genetic testing, readers can visit

About MatMaCorp

MatMaCorp (Materials and Machines Corporation) is a developer of comprehensive solutions for science, medicine, and agriculture. By combining engineering, life science, and information technology, MatMaCorp has developed a portable, easy-to-use, and affordable suite of products to power human diagnostics, animal conservation, and agriculture applications, including food safety and breeding. Commercially available tests include: A2, African swine fever, bovine congestive heart failure (BCHF), and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRS). For more information, please visit and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Corporate Contact:

Phil Kozera,, +1.402.742.0357