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The MatMaCorp Beta Casein Genotyping System is the complete, portable and field-friendly solution for isolation, amplification and fluorescent detection of both homozygous (A1 or A2) and heterozygous (A1A2) Beta Casein genotypes using tissue or blood samples. MatMaCorp's Stick-E Column based DNA isolation happens in as little as 10 minutes from tissue samples, or use MatMaCorp's MagicTip™ DNA isolation kits for a truly field-ready solution. Assays are in lab or field format and detect the presence of both the A1 and A2 types on-site in less than 2 hours. All steps are performed on your Solas 8® device.

Item name Beta Casein Genotyping System
Catalog #: ST-BCSN-L (Lab Kit)
ST-BCSN-F (Field Kit)
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Application Beta Casein Genotyping
Use with Solas 8® Device

Product Information

Assay Format Catalog Number Price Per Reaction
Beta Casein C-SAND™ Kit Field ST-BCSN-F Call for pricing
Lab ST-BCSN-L Call for pricing
DNA Isolation Sample Catalog Number Price per reaction
MagicTip™ Tissue Prep DNA1T $1.50
Blood Prep DNA1B $1.50
Milk Prep DNA1M $1.50
Stick-E Column Tissue Prep STCKE-T5 $2.50
Device Catalog Number Price
Solas 8® SOL8 Call for pricing

  • All reagents are freeze-dried and can be stored at room temperature.
  • Lab format kits required adjustable volume pipets and sterile water to reconstitute reagents.
  • Field format kits do not require pipets.
  • No additional materials or equipment are required.

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