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The MYRTA is a rapid PCR device that can perform PCR at home or PCR in the office

MYRTA for home PCR testing shown outsideMYRTA™ (My Real-Time Analyzer) is a fluorescence detection device that performs sample prep, PCR, and fully automated sample analysis. It features single button operation, simple LED notification for runs and results, and can connect to a computer with USB. Plus, each smart test kit includes touch-free RFID technology to automatically send the proper testing protocol to your MYRTA™.

With your MYRTA™, you can be health confident whether you are performing an at home PCR test, PCR testing at the office or PCR testing anywhere else life takes you.

The MYRTA™ device is capable of running real-time quantitative PCR tests. Tests can be developed for any application, even including rapid viral or bacterial target detection.

Item name MYRTA™
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Application Molecular and Biomedical Diagnostics
Standard Warranty One year