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The Solas 8® is a portable, four channel fluorescence detection system

Solas 8 with screen onDeveloped by MatMaCorp, this simple device, weighing just 6 pounds, can be used in a laboratory, in the clinic or in the field. Easy to use, reliable and robust, the Solas 8® has two 8 well heating blocks. The large well block is for DNA or RNA isolation and the small block is for detection of targets or SNPs using either isothermal or quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR) techniques.

DNA or RNA isolation can be accomplished with either the MagicTip® DNA Isolation Kits or the StickE Column DNA Isolation Kits® and detection of SNPs or targets is done using MatMaCorp's C-SAND® Assays. Target detection can also be accomplished using 5' exonuclease type assays (eg. TaqMan® probes).

Custom SNP and target detection tests can be ordered.

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Item name Solas 8®
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Application Molecular and Biomedical Diagnostics
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