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The Solas 8® is a portable, four channel fluorescence detection system

Solas 8 with screen onDeveloped by MatMaCorp, this device can be used in a laboratory, in the clinic or in the field. Easy to use, reliable and robust, the Solas 8® is two thermal cyclers in one intelligent device. The large well block is for DNA or RNA isolation and the small block is for detection of targets or SNPs using either isothermal or quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR) techniques. Both methods can be completely customized to fit your needs.

DNA or RNA isolation can be accomplished with either the MagicTip® DNA Isolation Kits or the StickE Column DNA Isolation Kits® and detection of SNPs or targets is done using MatMaCorp's C-SAND® Assays. Target detection can also be accomplished using 5' exonuclease type assays (eg. TaqMan® probes).

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Item name Solas 8®
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Application Molecular and Biomedical Diagnostics
Standard Warranty One year